Agent Kato TanakAgent ████ BlindAgent ████ Flint
Agent █████ SoniAgent ██████ IngramAgent ██████ Taloker
Captain. Seb ██████Captain ███ PhedDirector Charlie Garlic
Director ██████ ScruffyDr. Dmitri ██████Dr. Jennifer Genial
Dr. Rafael ██████Dr. Xierovitch QuantiusDr. ███ Campo
Dr. ████ BluefinchDr. ████ CainDr. ████ Chowder
Dr. ████ ColmsDr. ████ ParkswoodDr. ████ ██████ Dragon
Dr. █████ AnnaDr. █████ CometDr. █████ Loftman
Dr. █████ MalfrousDr. █████ ThompsonDr. ██████ Glitch
Dr. ██████ GoldDr. ██████ HudsonDr. ██████ Karver
Dr. ██████ KocerDr. ███████ AbafarDr. ███████ Banks
Dr. ███████ BushDr. ████████ YoungDr. █████████ Woods
File TemplateFull Personnel ListMr. Cole Smith
Mr. William █████ AndersonMr. ████ WoeMrs. ████ Mordred
NPCPlayersROBLOX SCP Foundation Personnel Wiki
██████, █████ - The Administrator
File:Campo.pngFile:Doctor Malfrous Original-28476177.pngFile:Dr. J.J.png
File:Dr. Scruffy.pngFile:Dr Hudson.pngFile:Dr Karver-0.png
File:Dr Woods-0.pngFile:Ef10aa076a9fbebfffb488e405383143.pngFile:Example.jpg
File:O5-1.pngFile:Outfit 34-34722693.pngFile:Outfit 44-51037130.png
File:SCP Transparent.pngFile:Scruff.pngFile:Sebi.png
File:Secure.pngFile:Soni.pngFile:Transparent text effect.png
File:Transparent text effect (1).pngFile:Wiki.png

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