SCP Transparent

NAME: Dr. ████ Bluefinch



Dr. Bluefinch, photo taken ██/██/████.


AGE: ██



OCCUPATIONS: Medical Department Consultant, Nurse

LOCATION(S): Site-79

PREVIOUS LOCATION(S): Site-40, Site-40-2

STATUS: Active


HISTORY: Bluefinch was recruited on the date ██/█/████ due to his admirable success in the medical field. Do to this he was quickly provided with Level-1 clearance and drafted into the Medical Department. However his work quality has been reviewed as lacking he has been recognized for his success with patients of mental trauma. After being recognized for this success, Bluefinch was invited to assist with Research Team Campana-1's studies regarding SCP-513. Patients who worked with him generally showed far more of an ability to stay calm despite the circumstances. These patients lasted three times longer than typical victims of SCP-513's effects.

PROFILE: Bluefinch has worked with the Foundation for ██ years at this time. Initially, Dr. Bluefinch's superiors found themselves on the verge of demoting him until he redeemed himself with his specialized work on mental patients. Bluefinch has been recognized many times for this achievement.


NOTES: Dr. Bluefinch has been working consistently with Agent ████ in an attempt to resolve his issues with ████████████ ████.

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