Dr Hudson

Dr. Karver, photo taken ██/██/████.

NAME: Dr. ██████ Hudson



AGE: ██



OCCUPATION(S): Junior Researcher

LOCATION(S): ██████

PREVIOUS LOCATION(S): Site-40, Site-40-2, Area-██

STATUS: Missing



PROFILE: Hudson, being one of more "odder" personnel in the Foundation, has no exact date of registration but records show an estimated guess of being in the organization for about █ years. In these years, he had witnessed a heavy containment breach involving a raid with the Insurgency, during this incident, he was companioned with one of his closest friends, Dr. Woods. Both of them being likely Killed-In-Action by Director ███████, but surveillance spotted the two individuals roaming the depths of Site-██. Traces of the two men has not been found to this day, resulting them to be declared, Missing-In-Action.

Sensitive and fragile, Hudson is known for not takng any insults easily. Provoking him will result in a state of rage, ignoring the invidual while cursing at them. Being a possible psychopath, drugging his co-workers and drinking massive amounts of alcohol, he should be advised by a position Level-4 and higher. Being a father, he tries his best to protect his son from the dangers of the Foundation, as he works his way up in the ranks. He can be at times, forgetful and clueless which ends up with everyone screaming at him because he "forgot his car keys"


NOTES: Dr. Hudson has a extreme case of melissophobia due to a childhood incident of a bee flying in his ear.