Dr Woods-0

NAME: Dr. █████████ Woods



AGE: ██



OCCUPATION(S): Researcher, Biologist

LOCATION(S): ██████

PREVIOUS LOCATION(S): Site-40, Area-██, Site-42, Site-40-2

STATUS: Missing



PROFILE: Dr Woods has been in the Foundation for ██ years. He was part of multiple research teams but he had took a liking to SCP-1639. He was so attached to the object that he wouldn't allow anyone but himself to touch it. He was known for wearing a grey bandanna around his mouth. Several times Foundation staff have attempted to remove it but have been injured in the process by Dr. Woods. Foundation staff are no longer allowed to take the bandanna off or even ask him why he wears it in the first place.

Dr. Woods has been described by multiple Foundation staff as mentally unstable. He has been injured in the past, and has been observed to be the most cruel to D-Class personnel. He even had started the creation of [REDACTED]. Dr Woods is a heavy alcoholic and has been seen drunk for multiple occasions. Woods has been shown to excel in breaches, known to go above and beyond the call of his duty. Close friends have said that Woods can be kind and gentle if he is able to trust you.

After the construction of Site-40-2 Dr Woods became Co-Director of Research Team-█████ "Screaming bBanshees" for SCP-097, taking the place of Dr. M██████ after ███ ████.

Dr. Woods has now been pronounced killed in action.


NOTES: Dr. Woods was showcased mental trauma after contact with SCP-455. He was required to have mental check ups by medical personnel.