SCP Transparent

NAME: Dr. ██████ Scruffy


Dr. Scruffy


AGE: ██



OCCUPATION(S): Researcher, Facility Management Supervisor, Ethicist

LOCATION(S): Site-79, Site-24, Site-40-3

PREVIOUS LOCATION(S): Site-40, Site-40-2, Site-31

STATUS: Active


HISTORY: Doctor Scruffy received his degrees in the liberal arts and his academic qualifications are of little use to the Foundation. Dr. Scruffy was recruited after he accidentally encountered SCP agents in the field while trying to investigate local claims of paranormal activity. Although he almost blew the Foundation's cover story, he willingly helped to salvage the situation by assisting in the recovery and containment of [DATA EXPUNGED] and helping to create a plausible explanation to the authorities for the loss of [DATA EXPUNGED]. Afterwards, he was drafted into the Foundation due to the knowledge he possessed.

PROFILE: Dr. Scruffy has done extensive work on certain memetic SCPs, but given his ability to unconsciously defuse or ignore memetic effects it is recommended that any research he does is independently verified. At the moment Dr. Scruffy is using his knowledge of memetics to help with the planning of Site-40 and is making sure that SCP-055 can no longer breach containment. He is also being trained to be but onto the Ethics Committee as a member in the future.


NOTES: Dr. Scruffy has an aptitude for understanding and resisting memetic effects in certain situations, particularly those that he perceives are related to objects of art.