Surveillance footage of Agent Taloker, taken ██/██/████.

NAME: Agent ██████ Taloker



AGE: ██



OCCUPATION(S): Occupaton Pending

LOCATION(S): Site-██

PREVIOUS LOCATION(S): Site-██, Area-██

STATUS: Active


HISTORY: Agent Taloker was recruited into the SCP Foundation on █/██/ ████ due to an incident where Agent Taloker had been found by agents that were called to deal with a situation in a warehouse where anomalies had been spotted. Agent Taloker was found next to what is now called SCP-████, Agent Taloker claimed the SCP had randomly came in and was staying on a high spot. Agent Taloker then showed the M4A1 that he used to fire at the SCP which he claimed slowed it down so he could trap it with a big box after the SCP fell off from one of the high points.

Agent Taloker normally wears what he calls a 'Lab Suit', and a zebra-stripe fedora. In some cases, Agent Taloker has been seen to wear a mask at times. Any attempts to take off his mask have resulted in failure, see one incident log below. Agent Taloker normally is a bit social when people are around, speaking to people.

Recently he has been talking about his Site-59 Project, it was heard about last year when he said he would see if the project would get off the ground, it however didn't until recently when he had shown multiple staff members what he has done so far. It is unknown how he was able to construct this facility as there was no engineering staff and neither any construction vehicles. Questioning will take place soon on ██ as to how he managed to get it built so far. Taloker estimates it will take one to three months to finish this project. However, these dates are unconfirmed.



NOTES: Agent Taloker is known for apparently liking cats to the point he will try to sometimes hug any cat, even if one is an SCP or a trap. It is recommended to inform Agent Taloker about such thing, otherwise Agent Taloker may be neutralized from a trap or SCP.

Agent Taloker must be away from Agent █████ to avoid on-site conflict.

This file has been taken from the original ROBLOX SCP Foundation Wikia.