NAME: Agent ██████ Ingram


RACE: American

AGE: 34



OCCUPATION(S): Security Manager


PREVIOUS LOCATION(S): Site-██, Area-██

STATUS: Retired


HISTORY:  Agent Ingram was hired on ██/██/████. She was enlisted under the Security Department, where she would spend her first 2 years stationed at Area-██. Her exceptional ability to remain calm and collected during any incident earned her the ranking of Site Security Officer, keeping the peace at the facility she was stationed in.

After a year of maintaining her rank, she was relocated to Site-██ where she would be gifted the ranking of Security Captain, assuming control of a portion of the forces stationed there. In this time, Ingram became well known among her peers as a 'tough broad', to her annoyance.

Agent Ingram has had her fair share of breaches and drunken guards, all of which she has handled professionally and smoothly.

Months before the breach and full scale invasion of Site-██, she was ranked as official Security Manager of the site, overseeing security operations, missile system, and the entirety of the security forces, sharing her power with the likes of Captain Stark, Officer Rogers, and ████.

She has, unfortunately, suffered major injury following the horrific aftermath of the invasion by the united forces of group of interests "█████" and the ████ ██████████.

Her services are decommissioned as she makes a yearlong recovery.




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