Think for a moment. If you found yourself on this page expecting to find personal information related to The Administrator, or who they might be, you haven't made it far.

That information is forbidden, for obvious reasons. The only thing generally known about The Administrator is that they may or may not exist.

NAME: Tiberius


AGE: ███



OCCUPATION(S): Being the Administrator.

LOCATION(S): what?

The Administrator is a dog. A fucking dog. What species? Classified. How old? Classified. Why? Nobody knows. It happened and that's that. Is it considered an anomalous object? Of course. It doesn't have a designation for obvious reasons.

Yes, there have been protests to giving a dog the most power in the Foundation. It's ridiculous, we've heard it enough times. Regardless, it has been around for much longer than any of us can seem to recall and none of us can seem to understand what goes on in its mind. Nonetheless, it does its job, as odd as that may seem. The only one of us that seemed to be proficient in interacting with it was now retired O5-4.

At the very least, we know that it calls itself Tiberius.